24 hour emergency Telecare and Careline equipment

How it works

The alarm is delivered ready to use and is easy to install yourself by following the simple instructions that are supplied. Just plug the base unit into your telephone line and a nearby power socket and place the pendant around your neck or wrist.

Watch our video below to see how Careline works in 3 easy steps

"I wish to say my thanks to your company and especially to the control room staff for the rapid response I got to the emergency call for medical help via my 'Panic Pendant'. Within minutes my keyholder neighbours and a first-responder paramedic were coming in to my room and began to treat me, an ambulance was not far behind. It was the best money I have ever spent. Every time I see the control panel I am reassured I have a friend waiting to help. I also believe it was the sight of the panel in my kitchen that deterred a 'conman' at my door, trying to tell me that I needed £400 of work done, which I knew to be false. As he tried to enter I stood by the panel and he calmly turned and walked away."

- Mr J, West Midlands